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A college application is not just about academics and extracurriculars. It’s not just essays. It’s the most important narrative your student can tell about who they are and where they want to go. At Cappex Admissions Advising, we make sure that every component of the application works together to tell that story, from the academic program of study to the reason why each school is on your list.
Whether your goal is to gain admission to an ultra-selective institution or to get the most merit aid possible, every college wants to know the person behind the numbers. We help shape applications that leave lasting impressions. 
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We know what matters in today’s admissions process, because we live it every day. We approach each application the same way colleges do - holistically.  Our methods reveal the facets of a student’s life that colleges find most appealing.
See how we helped our most recent class.
Boston, MA

A high-flyer with top grades and SAT scores. We helped him stand out from the many others like him by positioning his extracurriculars as less stereotypical. He received multiple acceptances in the HYPSM set but Yale was always his first choice. more >

Dearborn, MI

Sought a top tier college that could provide generous merit aid. Our search for schools that would want him yielded near full-rides at multiple colleges. Jon chose the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor for its combo of prestige and cost. more >

Suffolk, VA

Focused on getting into a top liberal arts school. Less than perfect stats but she worked tirelessly with our team to produce a personal statement that really stood out. Got into all three of her top choices but the Williams offer won out. more >

* names and home towns have been changed to protect the privacy of our students
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No matter where you are in the application process - a senior feeling the time crunch, a junior trying to make summer choices that matter, a sophomore wondering what extracurriculars will enhance an application - we can help you build the best case for acceptance.  
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Admissions takes many steps.  Applications, school lists, essays, academic career guidance, merit money search, extracurricular strategy - we help with each one along the way.  But no one part of the process is as important as how they all work together.
 Presenting the most favorable portrait means shaping each detail to reveal why a student will thrive on campus.
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Building a complete application takes teamwork. Cappex Admissions Advising gives you the thorough, one-on-one guidance of a personal advisor - backed by a team that brings decades of experience in all facets of the admission process.  
We work together on each admission, bringing our specific expertise and insights to highlight the potential of each application.  
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What do you think is the key to a successful student engagement? How do you make sure that your students get where they want to go?
Honestly, the key to a successful process is listening to the student and the family! Sometimes this is straightforward, like when a student says "I want to study physics at Columbia in NYC.” When this happens it’s about executing Plan A - but also planning for Plan B since nothing in this process is guaranteed.
Other times it takes more discussion to unearth what a student and his family really want. Is it to do "something in healthcare?" Is it about getting the most merit aid possible? To have success at the end you need to listen to what the family wants in the beginning!
Laura G.
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